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Although they can be located in many different areas, removing moles from face can be the cause of the most distress and be the most problematic. The majority of the people that have this mark on their face feel that they are unsightly and are not at all the beauty mark that Marilyn Monroe made them famous for.

Surgical removal will often leave a scar that can take months to heal. Laser surgery does not guarantee that a permanent scar will not remain. Although the scarring will be subtle, this procedure can be costly because multiple treatments will be required to fully remove the mark. There are also a number of methods that are completely natural that can be used without the fear of scarring. These methods do not work as quickly as a surgical procedure but if you are patient, you can watch the blemish fully disappear over a period of time.

Along with laser surgery, some of the other popular methods of surgical removal include cauterization, excision, and the shaving method. Cauterization is a process that is used to destroy the mole by the application of either a chemical or other type of cauterizing device. The excision procedure is a process where the mole and surrounding skin is cut away and the edges of the wound are stitched together. This is most commonly done when the surgeon feels that there is the threat of cancer.

The shaving method is commonly used for protruding blemishes. During this process, the surgeon will shave the area with a scalpel until it lies flush with the rest of the skin. It will be cauterized afterwards and treated with an antiseptic cream to prevent possible infection. Any of these methods may result in scarring.

Natural removal methods can be performed in your own home, often with items that you have on hand. Some remedies will work in as little as three days while others may take a few weeks. Often these remedies are preferred because they will not cause permanent scarring. They are often much more affordable and discreet.

A home remedy that is popular is to use the juice of a pineapple or cauliflower. Using a blender to extract the juice from one of these items, you can then apply the juice either on a saturated cotton ball or with a dropper, directly to the area where the blemish is. After a week or so, many people report that they see a change in the size of the blemish.

Garlic paste, made by crushing one clove of garlic into a paste consistency, has also been proven effective as a natural method of removal. To use garlic paste, after cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol, hold the garlic paste in place over the blemish with a band aid. Baking soda mixed with apple cider vinegar to create a paste is another highly effective home remedy. Using a cotton swab or cotton ball, apply this paste to the blemish daily, two or three times for best results. Some patients prefer to put a band aid over this paste too. These methods will slowly melt the mark away over a period of several weeks. Although virtually pain free, the area is likely to be a bit tender and show signs of redness. These symptoms will eventually fade, leaving no scar or other mark behind. The mole will not return.

One of the least expensive remedies that are often abundant for free is the use of dandelions. This treatment is as simple as picking a dandelion from the yard and squeezing some of the white, milky fluid from the stem. Apply this fluid to the affected area up to three times each day and in a matter of a few short weeks, positive results will be apparent.

Depending on each individual patient and their own personal circumstances, natural remedies may be preferred over surgical treatments. The use of natural products tends to be less painful and leave less of a chance to develop scars. Natural remedies are also less expensive and can be done right from home, in a discreet manner. The amount of time that they can take to work effectively remains a concern for some patients.

Removing moles from face surgically may be preferred because the process is much quicker. By finding a reputable surgeon who is knowledgeable in this specific area, you will increase the chance to be scar free in the end. Although more costly, given the sensitive nature of the location of the blemish, many patients find peace in paying a professional to ensure proper removal. Our website ( has more information and related articles about similar topics.

Face Mole Removal

Facial Moles Removal

Skin diseases in humans could be really annoying. Some people resort to face mole removal when it comes to their moles or nevi. Not all people find it annoying but other people want to get rid of it because of cosmetic purposes. If you are one of these people, you might want to choose the best method in order to get rid of the nevi. These methods are safe as long as you know the right methods. You also have to consider the procedures and choose which one you are comfortable in doing.

Shave Excision. There is one method used by clinics called shaving excision. The nevi are taken out using a razor. This razor is used to take out the nevi from the surface. Although it removes the nevi from the surface of the skin, it does not take out everything. Cells of the nevi can still be left near the underlying skin and could grow back. If you unfortunately have a cancerous nevi, it is best to find another procedure because the nevi will only grow back.


Another form of procedure is called electrocautery. This is a special kind of procedure performed using electric current. The electric current is the agent that burns the nevi completely. As it does so, the wound is also closed because the heat it produces has a property for closing the wound.

However, this procedure is not performed only once; it can take as long as three treatment sessions before the whole nevi can be removed completely. This is for those people who are looking for effective treatments but less invasive procedures.

Cryotherapy. If electrocautery uses hear to get rid of the nevi, cryotherapy uses the opposite–cold. Using a special type of substance, usually liquid nitrogen and sometimes argon, the nevi is frozen. Due to the extreme low temperature of the substance, the nevi get killed. The process is then ended by increasing the white blood cells in the body. When the nevi cells die, the white blood cells are activated. These white blood cells then get rid of the entire nevi from your body.

Laser Procedures.

This is a modern form of procedure and is new in the healthcare industry. Using a special laser that targets the nevi, it immediately vaporizes the entire nevi tissue. For pigmented nevi and those really flat nevi, this is the perfect procedure to be chosen. It is also best for those who do not want scars because it leaves no marks on the affected area. Although the effects are not seen in just one treatment session, you may have to undergo at least three sessions to effectively get rid of all the cells and the tissues of the nevi.

Cauterization of the Nevi. The nevi may also be removed though cauterization. The process of cauterization is done when there are no stitches that should be made. In order to start the procedure, the nevi must first be excised using a scalpel. This is all done using an anaesthetic so you do not have to worry about feeling the pain. After that when the entire nevi has been removed, the surgeon will have to use the cauterization tool to remove everything else and close the wound. This is one of the most common forms of nevi removing procedure used by many doctors and hospitals out there.

Natural Methods for Skin Care

O2 Infusion Health Tips

There are also natural methods that make use of organic materials for those who do not want any surgical methods. Using ingredients that can typically be found in your kitchen or your garden, you can create your own home nevi remover. Here are a few of the most common concoctions used to get rid of a nevi without resorting to surgical procedures and other equally invasive treatments. You might want to use them when you do not want to pay for too much fees in the hospital. Check Stanford health Care Center for more information.

Garlic is one of the most effective natural remedies. You simply have to cut one clove in half and tape the piece to the nevi with the sliced portion facing the nevi. Another one is through the use of grape seed extract. You can apply it directly to the nevi or use a cotton or gauze and leave it taped over the area over night. Other people apply iodine tincture, banana skin, honey and flaxseed, as well as pineapple juice are used.

With natural methods you have to remember that they most often need to be left on your face overnight. If you find this rather annoying, you may want to choose another type of treatment or procedure that does not involve this. Choose your own face mole removal technique and you will soon be able to remove those nevi.

Skin Diseases in Humans

Our skin is the largest organ in our body in term of both surface area (nearly 2 square yards) as well as weight (approximately 6 to 9 pounds). Skin helps to differentiate the inside parts of the body from the outer world. Moreover, it regulates the body temperature and provides protection to the body from viruses and bacteria.

Now the problems of redness, burning, itching or swelling can occur to your skin due to the conditions that inflame, irritate or clog. Several skin diseases in humans may appear due to allergies, immune system problem, generic makeup and many more. Even several types of cancer may also attack you. It is ways better to keep handful information about the common types of skin diseases in humans so that you can identify and take necessary prevention if required.


  • Acne

This is a common disease where the skin’s oil glands are affected. Your skin has innumerous numbers of pores that are connected to the oil glands. A substance called sebum is produced form these oil glands. When the canal between the oil glands and the pores called follicle clogs up, sebum cannot come outside and as a result pimples come out. Approximately 80 percent of all the people suffer from the problem of acne at a certain point of their life. In order to prevent the scars, early treatment with the prescription and over-the-counter drugs is recommended.

  • Eczema

Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a quite long duration skin disease where the patients suffer from dry and itchy skin and rashes on the hands, inside the elbows and behind the knees.

  • Hives

Due to the allergic reaction to a food or drug, sometimes you may suffer from red and itchy bumps on your skin. This is known as hives. People, who are allergic, are more prone to be attacked by this common disease. Usually hives are cured by their own, but in severe cases, you need the medical help.

  • Impetigo

Impetigo is a common skin disease caused by bacteria where the children ageing between 2 to 6 years are attacked by this disease. When there is any breakage in the skin such as cut, insect bite or scratch, the bacteria attacks and the symptoms such red pimple-like sores come out.

  • Melanoma

Among different skin diseases in humans, one of the severe and life-threatening diseases is melanoma which is actually a skin cancer. In order to identify melanoma, you need to keep watch on moles on your body and its asymmetry shape, border, diameter and color. People, who are attacked by melanoma, need to undergo through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, biological therapy and the combination of these therapies.

  • Psoriasis

When a person is attacked by the skin disease psoriasis, he or she has to suffer scaling and swelling. At the outbreak of psoriasis, people suffer from thick red skin patches with silvery scales on the elbows, knees, lower back, palms, face and other parts of the body that may itch or feel sore.

  • Skin Cancer

The most dangerous type is skin cancer that is the most common type of cancer as well. Two common types of this infection are squamous cell cancer and basal cell cancer that attack hands, arms, face, head and neck.

Oxygen Facial — The Dermatology Review

Although oxygen facial gains popularity during last few years, but it has been existing since 2002 when the Australian company Intraceuticals had introduced it. Now it is immensely used in the spas, medi-spas, plastic surgeon’s offices and by the dermatologists. Let’s have a brief review of the oxygen facial from the dermatological point of view.


In the O2 facial, a stream of oxygen is applied with pressure in order to deliver some active ingredients for the skin. While in earlier years basic moisturizers were used during the facial, now the ingredients has been upgraded to fancy stuffs such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants.

Skin Healthcare Procedure


Before you choose this treatment plunge, you should have the idea how it works. At first, you should understand that for the normal facial, you cannot expect the spa like treatment. Earlier days, oxygen facial used to bring about extreme hygienic and medical experience that was different from spa-like sensual treatments. But since this facial procedure has gained immense popularity, different spas are now offering this therapy.

In this procedure, about 90-95% O2 is applied on the skin with an airbrush gun like stick that helps the serums applied on the skin to get absorbed. Moreover, since oxygen works as an antibacterial, it can produce a cooling and calming effect on the skin. The entire procedure takes 30-60 minutes where a bit pressure is applied on the skin, but it is not uncomfortable or painful at all. Nowadays, in order to give a personalized experience during the oxygen facial, at first the skin of the patient is cleansed and exfoliated before going through this facial treatment.

Different Types of Operation

There are four types of medical healing available as per the needs of the patient’s skin. All these types of oxygen facial contain the same ingredients such as hyaluronic acid (using for moisturizing and age revital), antioxidants, botanical extracts, peptides and/or vitamins. Let’s have a look on different types of this operation.

  1. Rejuvenate:- In order to experience a firmer and tighter skin, this treatment is applied to all skin types where the patient needs a bit moisturization.
  2. Opulence:- When the patients need brighten up skin for their pigmentation and uneven skin tone, this facial treatment is applied.
  3. Clarity:- In order to balance the moisture level in the skin, clarity treatment is followed to avoid the potential acne outbreaks.
  4. Atoxelene:- Used as the alternative of non-invasive of Botox treatment, the atoxelene is an add-on option to the opulence and rejuvenation treatment. It helps to make the expression lines softer and firmer especially near the eyes, mouth and forehead.


The Dermatology Review

Before choosing the O2 facial, you need to be aware of its pros and cons of this procedure.


  • Instant recovery time
  • No painful side effects like burning, itching or stinging
  • Patients having younger glowing skin
  • Infusion of oxygen and vitamin in the body promoting cell growth and collagen growth
  • Cheaper than Botox injections


  • Not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, so guarantee of any authorizing body or licensed dermatologist to administer the procedure.
  • Since it does not last long, you need to spend more time and money to obtain the desired effect.

Microdermabrasion with Oxygen Infusion

Effectiveness of Oxygen Infusion Therapy

Who does not want a fresh-looking, hydrated and plump skin instantly? Nowadays a very good option to obtain your desired skin is the application of oxygen infusion therapy. But before you get ready to unfold the magic of younger looking fresh skin, you need to know how far this treatment is effective for your face.


Oxygen is considered to be an unavoidable element for refreshing life and regeneration of the cells. Since many years, plastic surgeons and the physicians have been utilizing oxygen for the treatment of skin injuries and burns as oxygen helps to boost up the blood circulation and cell metabolism. Moreover, it has the rejuvenating and anti-bacterial properties, a good oxygen supply on the spot is always essential.

But the fact is that with growing age, the level of oxygen supply for the body gradually decreases because of the solidifying and degenerating of the capillary walls of the derma. Due to the growing age, the turnover of the collagen is decreased and the intracellular hydration is diminished. So the cells renewal is gradually slowing down. In this respect, oxygen infusion therapy is very helpful as it supplies additional O2 to your skin.

The O2 infusion is a technique that allows the oxygen to reach deeper level of the skin without any requirement of the needles. This therapy helps to transfer the active ingredients to the cells of the derma.

Moreover, this kind of natural medicine helps to reactivate the vital functions of the skin and thus the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is immediately stimulated after using the therapy. Therefore, it is effective to get radiant and firmer skin in spite of the radical effects of passing time on the skin. Now let’s move towards several benefits and risks of this alternative treatment to find out how far it is suitable for you.

overcome health issues

Ups and Downs

Unlike other methods like microdermabrasion for smoothening the skin, oxygen infusion therapy has ample benefits without any major side effects. In the review of this therapy, you come to know the real benefits of this health related treatment and what are the risk factors associated with it.


  • It prevents the expression of aging on the skin as the patients experience a younger looking, glowing skin irrespective of growing ages.
  • The patients usually do not experience any irritation, burning or itching as the side effect of this therapy. Therefore, patients with sensitive skin can try out the therapy without the fear of irritation.
  • After the treatment is over, patients can get some of the benefits instantly and they can apply the makeup or lotion immediately after the therapy.
  • The therapy improves blood circulation on the skin along with its hydration and revitalization.


  • The main reason for the popularity of this treatment is its ample benefits without the fear of any severe side effects. Still if there is any downside needed to mention about this option is the short duration of its effect compared to other therapies.
  • Moreover, while choosing for the oxygen infusion therapy, you should verify whether a professional dermatologist or esthetician would conduct the operation. Since the FDA does not approve this kind of healing method, chances are there that it may be administered by unprofessional or non-licensed dermatologist.

You may need to check this page about more detailed information concerning health and medical information. All what I can advice you about is never to go for any medication without asking your physician.